Scarborough Consumer Guide

Scarborough’s data measurements help you target your customers and speak in a language that matters most to them. Examine consumer habits in various areas such as retail, media, grocery, automotive, sports and more. Knowing about your customers will give you a better understanding of the marketplace and your competitors, so you can develop strategies that highlight your brands strengths and reach the right clientele.

Scarborough has a lot to offer! Sometimes having all this information can be overwhelming. No need to fret. Scarborough has created this guide to help understand the range of Scarborough’s measurements across local markets. Pick a measurement and we’ll tell you which of these markets we measure it in, giving you a quick national guide to your local business. This guide allows you to:
  • Review all Scarborough measurement categories and responses and see which markets they are measured in.
  • Determine how far back you can trend a particular category or measurement.
  • Look at specific brands to see which markets they are measured in.